June 2014 Southern Region Agenda

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hosted by:

The County of San Bernardino
825 East Third Street
San Bernardino, CA 92415

Meeting Location

Invoice for League Dues for 2014


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2009 CEAC Guide to Prep of R/S and Corner Records

2014 PLS Act

2014 Board Rules


2014 Geospatial Symposium Power Point Presentations

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Individual Files Extracted From Above

State of NSF Earthbound PBO - Unavco

State of CSRC - R. Maher

State of NGS - W. Stone

Sea Level Rise - C. Burfield

Accessible Geodetic Control Network for California


Items of Interest

CSRC Basis of Bearings Statement

Request for BPELS Opinion - Hobbs (Mon Pres)

The Burma Boundaries Manual (1903)

Letter - CLSA to Gail Farber - L.A. DPW

Legal Opinion on behalf of CLSA - Unlicensed County Surveyor - County of Los Angeles

Monument Conservation Addendum to the Board of Directors 2011 Q2

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