LCSO has been serving the public for over 40 years. It's mission is to standardize mapping and the practice of Land Surveying across the State of California through active dissemination of information. It's members include County and City Surveyors, Caltrans, representatives from special districts, professional organizations, and private consultants whose primary focus is providing surveying services to the Government sector. Meetings are held in various locations throughout California. The League is comprised of the Northern and Southern Regions which have different documents, meetings, and items of interest. Please click on the appropriate Region website link below:


Northern Region (Website - Current Agenda)

Chair - Tracy Park, Marin County
Vice-Chair - Ian Wilson, Alameda County
Treasurer - Dan Scott III, City of Hayward
Secretary - Julia MacRory, VTA

Southern Region (Website - Current Agenda)

Chair - Steve Hennessee, County of Los Angeles
Vice-Chair - Dana Robie, Caltrans
Secretary - Chu Man Kow, Port of Long Beach
Treasurer - Kimberley Holtz, City of Long Beach